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Benson BE, Rippe JP, Bove CB, & KD Castillo. (2019). Apparent timing of density banding in the Caribbean coral Siderastrea siderea

suggests complex role of key physiological variables. Coral Reefs, 38(1), 165-176. pdf

In Prep

Benson BE, Baumann JH, Aichelman HE, Stanizzi DA, Castillo KD,  and SW Davies. Influence of diel thermal variation on the

performance and symbiosis of a Caribbean reef-building coral.  

Mansfield KM, Cleves PA, Van Vlack E, Kriefall NG, Benson BE, Pringle JR, Davies SW, and TD Gilmore. Insights into the molecular

mechanism and ecological implications of NF-κB modulation in the Cnidarian-Symbiodiniaceae mutualism.

Reyes CL, Pechenik JA,  Pires A, Benson BE, and SW Davies. Resilience of Atlantic Slippersnail Crepidula fornicata to coastal


Wuitchik D, Benson BE, Almanzar A, Brennan S, Chavez D, Liesegang M, Reavis J, Schniedewind M, Trumble I, and SW Davies.

Genomic basis of convergent phenotypic responses to thermal extremes in a temperate coral. 

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