How I'm Dealing

Feelings of hopelessness are a very common, very normal symptom of major depressive disorder. To foster hope with depression, I have found it helpful to intentionally meditate on the future. For some, this could certainly be the opposite of constructive, so approach mindfully. However, for me, it is grounding to be reminded that there will indeed be a time when this is not what I feel like. Everything I’m experiencing is impermanent. Transient. Circumstances and situations will change. This allows me to focus in on the common threads through all of it: relationships, values, aspirations, beliefs, and many other facets of humanity and our experience. I can’t yet articulate exactly why that fosters hope and (sometimes) even peace within me, but I know it has something to do with the anxious voice inside me that’s always resisting. When I can cultivate acceptance, I (eventually) feel more mobilized...because regardless of circumstances, there’s always a way of engaging with those common threads. In this way, mobilization brings me back in touch with reality…and in my understanding of reality, there is always reason to hope.

© 2020 by Brooke E. Benson

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